Solution to Day 7 of 7 Days of JS

5 December 2019

When writing this solution, I realized that I needed a function that returns true if a number is prime. So I wrote that function first:

function isPrime(n){
  let i = 2, rem = true;
  while (i < n && rem){
    rem = rem && n % i != 0;
  return rem;


And once I had that, I was ready to write primesUntil, which you can see here:

function primesUntil(n){
  let x = 1, i = 0;
  while(i < n){
    if (isPrime(x)){
  return 'Those are the first ' + n + ' primes.'


It’s possible to write both functions with for loops instead of while loops. If you are just starting out with loops in JavaScript, you should try to do that.

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